Friday, February 17, 2006

Can't stop knitting socks

Miss Amy and I sent an order to Knit Picks on Wednesday for some lovely sock yarns. Just as I clicked the send button, Miss Amy noticed that their distrabution center is in Grove City, Ohio. And on closer inspection, it's about 3/4 of a mile from our new place, which is where we had it sent in anticpation of it taking 5 to 14 days to arrive. Good thing we know the neighbors, as it arrived yesterday. It's great that we can get next day service, basically, for our orders. I love it. And, here is my half of the order:

There are 2-50 gm balls of Blush, 2-50 gm of petal, 2-50 grams balls of apricot, 2-50 gm balls of snapdragon and 3-50 gm balls of the blues, all destined to become such lovely socks. All of this on top of the 100 gm ball of Trekking XXL colorway #40, the 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway # 9070, and the balls I bought at Knitter's Night Out: 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway #4010 (for Annie), 50 gm ball of Fortissima colorway # 4008 (for Katie), 100 gm balls of Meilenweit Multi colorways #3070 & #3121. And to think that I was always afraid to knit socks. Now I can't stop.

Speaking of knitting socks, here is one I am about to finish:

This is my first attempt at the short row toe. I finished the kitchener stitch just after this photo, and it looks, fits and feels great. Now, to knit the mate.

Ok, every time I go to my LYS, I forget to take my camera so I can get a pic of a bill board near by. Right beside the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe, there is a huge State Farm bill board in red with white letters that says, "Just in case you hit a Wolverine", and being a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, I think it's great. And I always manage to forget the damn camera, and today was no exception. Miss Amy and I went to get a pair of US 1 DPN's, forgot camera, and not US 1 DPN's at the store. It must be let down Friday.

Anyway, lots of packing this weekend, and I think maybe we'll dismantle the beds, the kitchen table, and the coffee table and endtables. Lots of laundry too. Fun, fun, huh?

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