Thursday, February 16, 2006

Headache sorta day....

I seem to have a headache that I can't shake. I've taken asprin and eaten, but, it still won't go away. Maybe it's the dreary, non-wintery day outside that's doing it. Or the lack of knitting, yeah, maybe that's it.

Once again, no knitting due to packing. When will it ever end? Then, once it does end, and we have moved, it will be the unpacking that will do me in. Maybe that's why I hadn't moved in the past 8 years, all the packing and unpacking. But then again, now it's forcing me to throw out all the things that I have hung onto for years that I was postive that I would need eventually. Well, eventually came and I don't need them. Hello Mr. Trashman, bulk pick up for 8 (years of crap, that it). And, I am decidedly not as attached to all of it as I thought I would be.

Well, more packing tonight.

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