Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Slightly Distracted

I forgot to post yesterday, as I was doing some genealogy research, and got excited about a few new discoveries. However, I didn't forget, I did take the pics of my knitting spot.

Here is the spot that I sit in:

Behind me is the lamp, for plenty of light, and to my right is my knitting basket, in an easy location for the kiddies and the kitties to spill my glasses of water into. Also, we have the pillows to prop around me.

Now, for my view from where I sit:

It's kinda dark, but there's the tv, and to the right of the tv is all the boxes for moving, most of which are full.

And, we have less than 2 weeks and counting before the moving day. I still have a bit to pack, too.

Here is a picture that was a bit of a shock. As Annie in one of her moods, flung a Winnie the Pooh across the bedroom, it landed on top of the lamp. She didn't bother to retrieve it, or tell anyone that it was there, and this is what Katie brought to me:

Poor Pooh! He was unceramoniously dumped into the trash can, after the "You Could've Burned the House Down" speech. My mom may forever be known as the one who threw away my favorite Winnie the Pooh (when I was 9), but Annie will forever be known as the "Pooh Killer". I'm hope she has learned something from this besides a way to do away with stuffed animals.

I just wanted to add that Miss Amy and I did go to Knitter's Night Out (finally), and loved it. Even though we didn't know anyone else, they made us feel very welcome. And I got lots of compliments on my ankle socks. I took the ankle sock that I am working on, for the second pair. On this one, I am trying the short row toe. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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