Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moving Update # 3

It seems to be taking me longer to get stuf done, and the days seem to be moving quicker. AAHHHH! Still, I didn't too bad last night. Miss Amy came over and did the whole moral support, and garbage bag support thing. I did stray a little from the packing plans. Last night I finished most of what I had in my bed room to do, I still have to pack my shoes (mostly heels) and empty the night stand drawers. We bumped the basement up a little and did the laundry area last night. I had to call a washer repairman, as my washer seems to have sprung a leak in the front, but only when the water is filling into the tub? So, he'll be there tomorrow morning, with my mom waiting for him, as we will be moving to a place that has a first floor laundry, and we can't have a leak. I called today to schedule a visit for Vinny and his brother Mushu to the vets on Monday. Both boys will not be feeling like boys by the end of the day, know what I mean? Here's what's left on the agenda:

  • Wednesday - pack shoes and nightstands, finish packing down kitchen (didn't get near that last night), the hall closet, the living room closet, pack down clean laundry, and if I can make it there, help Katie with her room.
  • Thursday - break down the girls' bunk beds with Miss Amy and finish what I don't get to tonight.
  • Friday - sign lease and start moving boxes, drawers and cushions
  • Saturday - move furniture
  • Sunday - unpack and take out trash for bulk pick up at old place.

This is where I am moving from:

I live on the bottom, until Saturday, and have been there since 1997. Wow! That looks odd.

This is where we are moving to:

that's not my car in the drive, btw.

Not bad, huh? Not that I didn't like my old place, but the neighborhood has gone drastically down hill in the past 4 years. Not to mention the problems I have been having for several months, you can read about it here, at the bottom of the page on January 5th's post. It's enough to make anyone wanna move, or commit homicide.

And on the knitting side of things? Nada, zip, zilch, zero! I packed it, good thing I didn't join the Knit Olympics or Sockapalooza, huh?

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Miss Amy said...

I am so proud of you!!! You are almost there. Moving day is going to be a blast...tiring but still--a blast! 8 1/2 yrs of stuff all packed, trashed, and donated. IMPRESSIVE! Now if we can get all of the bags and boxes in the right spots on Saturday we'll be good.