Friday, February 03, 2006

Living in a cave?

Yes, I have been living in a cave. While doing my daily blog land reading, I came across something that floored me. I was reading Knitting Queen's site, and saw her link to a company that sells yarn relatively cheap. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the price on the sock yarns. Just let me say that I was paying 3x's what they charge. How I could have missed this site is still unknown to me. I remember seeing the site recommened on a blog, briefly looking at it, and thinking that I would come back later and check it out. But, Knitting Queen's comment brought me to a dead stop in mid-blog. And, I just love the color selections, too. You can find all of this at Knit Picks. And, for anyone thinking of my birthday (I know, it's not until June - just an early reminder), you can order me sock yarns, 2 balls of anything, and I will love it.

Ok, packing report. I have actually started to pack. And tomorrow, we go to do the final walk through and pay the deposit. I think that once that's done, I can get excited about it.

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