Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm still alive, I think?

I did kinda drop off the face of blogland. I got so wrapped up in everything else, that I forgot to blog. Here's a short summary(ETA: ok, maybe not so short):

Thursday: I was already in a bad mood, so I decided to sit in my corner of the office and not bother anyone. I figure that if they intrude into my corner and they get my full rath, then they deserve it, but I'm not going to inflict myself on anyone on purpose. So, there was a bed frame on the dock that was going to be thrown away if someone didn't take it. I stepped up on Wednesday and said that my mom wanted it and I would take it to her. Well, the head board and foot board were too big to fit into my little Kia Cinco. So, at the suggestion of a co-worker, I asked Mr. C (you know, the ex) if he wouldn't mind putting it into his truck and drop it off to my house. He said he would do it on Thrusday, after the gym. Ok, cool, not a problem, thanks for helping me. So, when Thursday rolls around and I'm in my funk, I decided that it would be better to give him directions to the new house on my way out the door. As I am leaving, he's talking to the boss about work, so I stood in the background, had a conversation with another co-worker, and decided that since I was holding up Miss Amy (as she drove to work that day), I'd call back in a few minutes. When I called to give him directions, he immediatly starting giving me a hard time about not talking to him all day. Ok, I didn't hardly talk to anyone all day that I didn't have to, I was a grouch. So, he gets over that point. I give him the directions, and he says it may rain later. Ok, if it rains, just forget it, I'll figure out something else, not a problem. He asked where the box was for the head board (as we had taken it out the day before). I told him right under it, and he expressed concern that the box may not protect it if it rained. Ok, sensable, maybe if you don't mind, and if you have time, would you consider shrink wrapping it? (Now, mind you, I have kept my inner grouch under very good control, I have not cussed or screamed at him, yet.) The next thing out of his mouth," Well, I think you're asking alot." Ok, if I had thought about it earlier, I'd have done it myself, and if you want to be a jack a$$ about it, I'll just take care of it all myself. He said he would do it. After I got off the phone, I started thinking. The more I thought, the more pi$$ed I got. So, I called mom and suggested that we trade cars on Friday, and I would load it up and just bring her van home to her with the rest of the bed in it. Well, she decided that I needed to get the treatment that I didn't get as a teenager, and was basically told that I didn't know how to drive. Let's review here. I have only ever had 1 ticket, and that was in 1996! I have never been driving in any of the accidents that I have been in. I used to own a Ford Bronco II 4x4 with all terrain tires, and I drive a forklift, for the love of the Heavens. By this point I was so upset that I was crying. So, she must have seen her mistake, as she told me it was ok and that I could take her van to work. So, I called Mr. C back and told him to just throw the directions away, I'd take care of it. And what did I get? The snotties attitude I have ever seen this side of a teenager. "FINE! WHATEVER!" Ya know, you haven't been able to treat me decently in over 6 months, and now this? "Well, I'm not having this conversation." YEAH! Click! Miss Amy looked at me and asked if had just hung up on him. Yeah. Now, everyone knows that I just don't hang up on people, too many years of customer service training, I always try to talk though it and make it better. Not this time. And, instead of taking my walk of the neighborhood, I ate a pint of ice cream and 10 pizza rolls. Amazingly, I lost 6 pounds overnight? The ice cream in question was chocolate marshmallow.

Friday: It was a pretty good day. Here I am, Crazy Aunt Purl style, with my moms Hollywood sunglasses on:

I realize that this is the first time that I have ever put my own pic on my blog. And, my sunglasses are much cooler than these. Then, as I was picking up the girls, Miss Tammi's daughter, Jess called me. So, I stopped by and picked her up so she could spend the night.

Saturday: I took Jess home, and was talked into going to the Ohio Historical Society with Miss Tammi to do geneolgy research. Good thing. We were there for 2 hours, and if I hadn't gone with her, she would have been there for 4 hours. Other than that, it was a very lazy day.

Sunday: It was the kick off of the cook out season. See, what we do is have a cook out every other weekend, as those are the weekends that Miss Tammi is in town. We had lots of fun. I had beer bottle caps flicked at me, we played badmitten, and I managed not to eat too much. We played cards in the dark in the back yard till about 10 o'clock.

And yesterday was a normal day. But tonight, I get to chaparone 4 teenagers at the Fall Out Boy concert. This should be something. Miss Amy jokes that I'll be the oldest person there, except for the roadies for the band. So, I have painted my nails the deepest purple that I have (as I am out of black), barrowed my 11 yr old's black skechers (yes, her feet are the same size as mine), put on my beige cargo capris, an army green tank top with a skull design logo for the Pirates of the Caribbean, and my black, green and navy flannel shirt. Here's to hopeing that I don't look too out of place. Updates and maybe pics from the concert tomorrow.

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See, the big sunglasses make you movie-star-rrific, don't you think? I'm addicted to mine!