Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day.....

It's May Day, and I almost have my May socks done! Right after I finished my April socks on Saturday night, I casted on for the next pair. Here is what I have so far:

Yesterday, I had one sock done. And while watching the movie "The Wedding Date" (a cute movie):

Then, two rows after turning the heel, I went to bed. This is how far I am after knitting for my hour lunch:

Unless I completely ignore this tonight, this will be done. And, as you can see on the far left of the pic, a large bit of yarn will be left.

And, I had to share this one. This is Annie, sleeping on the kitchen chair. She fell asleep there becasue I told her that she couldn't get up until she ate the piece of cheese that she asked for, mutilated and you can see sitting on the wrapper on the table. She woke up shortly after I took this, and spent another 20 minutes whining and begging not the eat it. Needless to say, I won, and she ate it. And this is how my kitties spent the day while I knitted:

Miss Moonie & Mr. Vinny

Edited to add: When I expressed amazement at how fast I was cranking out socks, I was told by Mr. D ( here at work) that I work that fast because I have rage control issues, and knitting keeps me calm. Go figure! Wish I could knit while I drive, there would be alot less name calling and flying birds.


Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Wow, you're a real speed-knitter, I can't believe how fast you knitted up those socks - and they look gorgeous, such beautiful colors!
I really love that pic of Annie, it's often a scream to see how and where kids can sleep - imagine how sore each and every muscle of ours would be after just a minute in such a position! Absolutely cute pic indeed!

roccermom said...

speed knitting, rage fueled and small feet! the trinity of socks. i don't knit myself socks. when others find out my shoe size is larger than the husband's oooohhhhh, the shame! ah, the you asked for it, now you eat it debacle. so well known, since my kid lives on air and bacon, but loves the idea of food.

Lisa P said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read your 'rage control issues'. I wonder if that's why I can bang them out so quickly too! :P