Monday, May 15, 2006

Offical Secret Pal 8 Start

I guess that I should post about SP8, as today is the offical start. I got the person I am to spoil, and I got a message from the person who is to spoil me. This is my first time for this, so I should have a blast. I have also added the SP8 button that I just adore, it's just above the link to my SP8 questionaire.

As for Mother's Day, my girls got me a teapot for my collection. I'll have to take pics of it. It's an off white color, trimmed in blue with yellow daisys. They also bought me a card and made me a card. I have such crafty girls. Annie also painted me a hot pink butterfly. They just love to make me tons of hand made stuff. I have a paper box that I keep them all in.

For my mommy, I made her a pair of (what else?) socks. I was going to use some Knit Picks Pallette in red, but my mom hates wool. So, I had to find another yarn. I did find some Sockotta in blue, turquiose and green, on the colorcard, it looks like # 14. I used the Bubble Wrap pattern from Sock Bug. I love that pattern. I didn't kitchner off the toes yet, I had to make sure they would fit, as I have only ever made socks for someone that has been handy to measure(i.e.- my girls or myself). I had to work off of the measurements that I had Katie take, telling her is was for a project at school. Since I didn't go visit her yesterday, I had her try them on this morning when she got to the house. They are perfect! So, I'll finish them off, and take pics tonight as she models them for me.

Then, I just don't feel right without socks on the needles. So, I got out my Kool Aid dyed yarn and casted on. I thought that I would do the Broad Ripple pattern from Knitty. But it was designed for sport weight yarn, and not the fingering weight that I dyed. So, to the frog pond it went. Then, I thought that I would just do a ribby pattern, like I did with the Lana Grossa I did a few weeks ago. But, as I was doing the first round, the sock told me that it wanted to be a ribby cable sock, (ok, now yarn is talking to me) so I worked an odd 2x-sometimes-4 rib, and worked up an 8 row repeat. After doing 3 repeats, it told me that it wanted a more complicated design to emerge. I am writing this pattern down as I design it, and will post it, if I like it. I'll let you know.

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