Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kool Aid

Ok, so our Dye Your Own yarn came from Knit Picks yesterday, and we had a blast. We lined up the kitchen chairs, got out the wide mouth canning jars, the large stock pot and the Kool Aid. Here's what we did:

Here's the yarn and Kool Aid I used: Black Cherry, Orange, Lemon Aid and Berry Blue.

Here is where we used the chairs to wind it out, and marked where I wanted each color to be.

This is where I dipped the yarn in the jars of each color to *cook*. This didn't take too long.

This is where the yarn has soaked up all the color.

Here are the jars, just after I took the yarn out to rinse it.

This is the yarn, rinsed, wrung out and ready to be hung up to dry.

Here is drying, and you can see the left a bit of Miss Amy's.

And here it is, balled up. I really like the result, but I'm not entirely happy with it. That, and I just want to make lots more. But, the colors really came out good, the only thing is, the yellow came out a little washed out. However, all the colors combined reminds me of somewhere. So, I am calling this colorway Caribbean Reflections. The pale yellow is the sand, the blue is the water, the orange and red are the setting sun.

Everyone has the ice cream truck that trolls through the neighborhood, causing every kid to loose their minds and instantly come running while shouting "Mommy, it's the ice cream man, can I have some?" But in my neighborhood, there are 3, count them, 3 trucks that troll. And this one takes the cake:

What's so special about this one? You might ask. Well, I tried to post the pic that I blew up so you could see the writting on the side of the truck, but Blogger ate it. Anyway, it say "Jamaican Jerked Chicken" & "Caribbean Foods and Ice Cream". Only in a neighborhood that I live in would you see anything like this. I try to live a normal life, really. The weirdness just seems to follow me everywhere I go.


roccermom said...

oh that's awesome about the truck! where i lived in west oakland, it was all about burger and donut stores that served tons of thai food. you can get thai food at our bowling alley! I'm eager to see what the koolaid yarn looks like knitted. i've used koolaid on my hair, of course.....mmmmm....

lexa said...

I've got to try to dye some yarn again! I tried twice - flops both times. I've been reading a lot more about it on blogs and see better ways to do it, so I think I will try it again very soon!