Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Vocabulary Lesson & Concert update

Today's vocabulary is brought to us by Miss Amy, as she was looking for another word me. And today's word is:

Manometer: n - an instrument for measuring the pressure of gases or liquids.

That's sounds about right! We had one of those earlier, here in the office, after my craving for White Castles was satisfied. Said craving was brought on by last night's concert, and said manometer was Mr. Malik. Needless to say, the dock cleared out real quick, and we threatened to lock the doors on him. On to the concert update.

We had a blast. There were 5 bands there. I have no idea who the first band was, because we were arriving toward the end of their set. The next band that went on was From First to Last. Jess is really good friends with the guys in this band. They were great. Then came Hawthorne Heights, and they were really good. Then came All American Rejects. They did a great set. And last was Fall Out Boy. And they were the best. I was also happy that I wasn't the oldest person there. I saw a large number of people that were my mom's age. It was a very diverse crowd. I found a beer stand, and was asailed by the smells of White Castles (hence the craving today). Here are some pics from the show:

This were I landed in the grass with my beer, and that's From First to Last on stage.

Here's a little closer shot of From First to Last.

Here's Hawthorne Heights.

Here's a little subliminal messaging from the beer concession. Notice that on the left side of the sign, Bud is followed by Bed Light.

I obviously missed taking any pics of All American Rejects?

Here is a shot of Fall Out Boy, when they first came on stage.

Here is a closer shot of Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, taken from some where near the pit. But we had a great time, and I ended up with a t-shirt for From First to Last and a tank for Fall Out Boy. Maybe if I can keep my eyes open tonight, I'll get some knitting done.....


roccermom said...

oh, i like fallout boy too! i was always too embarased to admit it...

Bethany said...

I'd love to go to a concert right now, and forget I'm a middle aged mum of two teenagers. *sigh*

Anyway, ryc: the yarn I'm using for the Lava Flow socks is Trekking XXL, colour 124. And the Socks for Sanity button was created by this blogger. I think it's free for the taking, as long as you download it and host it on your own site, or photohosting account. It's perfect for me, too!

Anonymous said...

I think you may have missed taken pics of All American Rejects because they were the first band that was playing when you arrived late? Just me "I was here"