Thursday, May 18, 2006

Poetry and my Daughter

Ok, so I thought that we were just going on a regular field trip. Boy, was I wrong. We got to the Spagetti Warehouse at the appointed time. We had a lovely dinner. Lots of fresh bread, loudy, noisy children, and good conversation. When we were getting ready to head over to the museum, Katie introduced me to her art teacher. Such a lovely and patience woman. She then asked if I knew why we were going tonight. Ok: imagine a blank look on my face as I say *no*. She explained that it was for the DepARTure program. A program sponsored by the museum with the school system and local sponsors. The kids had gone to the museum the month before on a field trip. On that trip they were to pick a piece of art, study it, sketch it and write a poem about it. When we got there, Katie had to get her name tag and collect a spiral bound book of the poems from all the children from four different schools. Then we got to roam the museum for about an hour and a half, until the kids were ready to take the stage and read a small selection of the poems. So, with no further fuss, here is Katie's poem and the art that inspired it:


She, her looking at me
Staring! Deep brown eyes
Rosy lips!
Rosy cheeks!
Deep deep brown hair
Just looking!
Just looking
is going
to come home
from war.

By *Katie*
From Elisabeth Louise Vigee LeBrun,
Varvana Ivanovna Ladomirsky (Narishkine), 1800.

Let me just say that this is one of the times that I am glad that I didn't chicken out and stay at home. And, I am glad that I did leave Annie with my mom for the night for several reasons. 1 - Because Katie and I get to have quality mother/daughter time and 2 - Annie would have been hard to control with that many kids around. Maybe we'll go back on a weekend, when there are less children around and I can quietly explain to Annie the rules. As it was, I was followed like a shop lifter in Tiffany's because I had taken this picture:

It's a halographic flower! But, because I didn't ask first, they started watching me like a hawk. I do know the rules about cameras in museums. 1 - there are some items that are loan, so you can't take pics of them & 2 - no flash pics. I didn't use my flash, it would have ruined the flower, but I did forget to ask first. Oops! But, it's very unsettling to have men in suits and earpieces follow you everywhere. Is that what's like to have body guards?

As for knitting content, while I was watching Gone With the Wind, I casted on for a pair of Simply Lovely Lace Socks from IK's Spring '06 issue in the red Knit Picks Pallette. I did 3 repeats on the leg during the movie. I complete 2 more while waiting for Kaite after school yesterday, and 1 more while at the resturant last night. Now I am ready to start the heel.

Oh, and on my other blog, I have joined a postcard exchange. If anyone would like to exchange postcards with me, please leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get with you to swap snail mail addresses. Please come play!


Katherine said...

That's fabulous! What a great poem and I had to laugh about the men following you, sorry. Tell your daughter "good job" from me k? Now show me the socks! LOL

Anonymous said...

Miss Tonia!!!
Hola!!! It's a lovely poem!!! I think this program is great, it's a wonderful form to make the children find fun and feel connected with art. Bravo Katie!!!
Your SPal, Ariadna.