Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I tripped and fell.....

off the edge of the blogosphere. I was very busy test knitting, which turned out great by the way. I have pics, but I can't show them until I'm allowed. But they were great, trust me. I think from the point on, I'll try a little random, since it's Wednesday:

  1. I have been feeling very sick lately. I think I have a summer cold, and I feel horrible. Thank the Heavens that I'm on vacation next week, that way I can sleep as late as I want. I'm turning off the alarm clock after I get up on Friday.
  2. When I got home from work, Amy asked me if it felt hot in the house. It seems that the a/c unit has decided to go down hill on us. I tried changing the air filter, praying that was the problem. It's not. We'll have to call the rental office to get it fixed.
  3. I finished my pal's sock, in my icky, sick haze. It turned out great, and I am fighting the urge to cast on for the second sock. That's a hard urge to fight, but I'm winning so far.
  4. To fight that urge, I have started a pair of sock for DD #1 (no naming names, as she reads this every once in a while, when she gets a sec.) I am doing them in the Simply Lovely Lace pattern (simply love that pattern) in the Knit Picks Palette in Hyacinth, of course, picot edge on US 1 Crystal Palace DPN's.
  5. I finally got my Trekking XXL # 126. Yippee!!!!!! I had Amy ask if the LYS could order it, and they did. Amy got one, too. Neopolitan sock, here I come.
  6. The dog ate the last bowl of cat food, and Amy had to run to get more. Some how, the dog made it past the both of us, and gobbled it down quickly.
  7. It's entirely too hot! On the ride home, my back was wet from sweating, and so was the place where my seat belt lays across my chest. Why don't I use the a/c, you ask? Gas prices are too high, and every mile counts, as I drive a little over 60 miles a day. Sucks, don't it?
  8. Talked to Miss PJ today, and found out that she's on vacation next week, too. And she has the same plans, nothing, too poor to do anything. So, I'll probably spend a few days at her house, in the pool, of course. Then spend a few days with Miss Tammi, as she is still home with her injured hand.
  9. My mom is gripeing that I'm taking my vacation next week, and not in September. As I pointed out to her, my mental state dictates I take it now, not later.

Ok, I have to go now, as Annie is in the shower and needs mommy to wash her hair. Chat at ya later!

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Heatherly said...

i wont use my AC either! i refuse to oay for it, we are at 106 today, heard it will hit 116 in chico (the city). yuck yuck my yarn sticks in my hands!