Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Post 4th Post

We had a great 4th. Some how my camera seemed to elude me, so I have no pics. Yesterday, the girls and I went to Miss Tammi's for a while. Then Miss Tammi and I found HBO's Rome on demand! They had the first 6 episodes on, and it became a marathon. Half way through, we made a trip to the store to get munchies and some wine. I worked on my Candle Flame Shaw for while, and have made it through 3 repeats so far. We got home around 11 o'clock.

I think I have settled on a pattern for my SSP '06 pal, I just need to pick out the yarn. That sounds like a trip to the LYS this weekend. I have a brand in mind, I just need to pick the perfect color.

Right now I sit watching Bewitched, with Nicole Kidman. It's a cute movie, but she wears a sweater that I'd love to write my own pattern for. I'll let you know if I get ambitous enough.

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Maria said...


I'm currently looking for the pattern for that sweater (I assume it's the same one we're talking about, the off-whitish turtleneck?) for my mum and I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me a holler if you ever find/write a pattern for it.
My e-mail: maria.83 [at]