Sunday, July 23, 2006

Run by fruiting.....

Remeber that movie line? 2 points for anyone who can tell me what movie it's from.

Anyway, this isn't a run by fruiting, it's a run by posting. Just a quick word, as yesterday was filled with making corn hole bags (I'm going to have nightmares soon of corn chasing me), great grilled chicken, and a front yard party till 3 am. And today will be the bi-weekly cook out at Miss Tammi's.

But we did have some excitement yesterday. I was out admiring my rose bush and met the mail man. There was a box in there for Miss Amy from her secret pal, and a large white envelope that was addressed to Katie. I looked at it for a moment and wondered who's hand writing was on it, maybe one of her cousins in Dayton. And then I noticed the post mark. It said Royal Mail. Could it be? Miss Amy pulled up at the same time, so we went in and I told Katie she had mail from England. She just about came out of her skin. See, in late June, she had me mail a letter to Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), and this was the reply. She got an autographed black and white picture and an update letter. Both were really signed by him. She was in tears. So, when we trooped off to the store, I bought her a frame for it. So, with no further ado, here it is:

Isn't he such a little cutie pie?


ariadna said...

How nice for him!!! It's incredible!! It's very important for your daughter and she never will forget it!!!

A said...

Holy Cow, T - I'm afraid that anything S & J could send from Dayton could not hold a candle to an autographed picture of THE Harry Potter - how awesome! I remember how crazy-excited I was when I received and autographed picture of John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard) when I was 8! lol! Dang, that was WAY TOO LONG ago! lol! I must have kissed that picture everyday for months! Wow! So, where is she keeping it? Is K allowed to touch it? lol!