Monday, July 24, 2006

My Wonderful Secret Pal!

I had a great start to my vacation. I got to sleep in late, and when I did wake up, I was able to lay and watch a movie for a while. Around noon, Annie came down to my room and said," Mommy, the mail man was here." I told her I would come check the mail in a little while, and she said, " But, he came up to the door. I think there is a package out there." So, I flung back the covers and got up, and told her I would go check now. She said,"If there is a package, I'll get it for you." And, sure enough, there was a package leaning up against the door step. And what I found inside, oh how my pal spoils me. So with no futher ado (and I'll apologize for my poor photography now), here it is:

Here is the box. Look at all the stamps.

Here is what I found when I opened the box.

Here is everything, wrapped up in pretty blue tissue paper. From right to left, it was labeled: For your kitchen; For your house; (on top) For your wonderful hand knits; (on bottom) For future projects; and the last one said Another yarn.

Here is a beautiful pair of pot holders that were in the one marked for the kitchen.

Here are some wonderful rose incense in the one marked for the house. Nothing smells better than roses.

Here are a set of wooden buttons (sorry, it's really blurry) in the one marked for future projects. They have small flowers that have been burned/engraved on them. I think these would look great on a hooded pullover. And if I can't find a pattern that's just right for them, I'll just have to design one myself.

And here are some custom tags in the one marked for your wonderful knits. Again, a blurry pic, sorry. But they say "Handknitted by Tonia", and have a picture of a child knitting as another child watches.

And the yarn. This is the most wonderful yarn I have ever touched. It feels so soft, just like the purple she sent me. I'd love to know what fiber this is. I just adore it. And such wonderful colors, this pic does notdo them justice. It goes from a dark teal to lime green, to green to a bright turquios.

Muchos Gracias, mi Secret Pal!

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ariadna said...

Dear Tonia, I hope that you enjoy the presents. I have beeing worry, because the mail does not work very well here, but the package arrive ok at your home. So, happy knitting!!! Ariadna