Monday, July 31, 2006

Takes a lickin' & keeps on ticking.....

But it's not a Timex. It's Annie! When we were leaving mom's house, Annie was walking on the rail road ties that are along the front edge of the yard, and she takes after her mother. (Do you see where this is going?) She trips and falls on her head. Mom and me both turn at the same time, as Annie rolls up and onto her knees, saying, "I'm alright." My mom (who is clearly going to have more seperation anxiety than me when Annie starts kindergarten at the end of August) rushes over and scoops her up. I on the other hand, took her at her word, as she was not screaming, crying or bleeding. But that was not the first time she fell on her head today, as I was to find out. Amidst my mother's laughing, she tells me that while they were in the pool (the kind with the blow up ring on the top that is only 3 feet deep) Annie had another, shall we say, mishap. She was having a ball, with her ring floatie and water wings on, and lost a toy over the side. She proceeds to lean over to get it. (Do you see where this is going?) Mom said that Annie's feet suddenly shot up in the air, and flailed there for a breif time, as her ring floatie was caught on the blow up ring of the pool. Mom said that she and Katie were laughing too hard to try to help her, and them she slid down the side of the pool and into the grass. Again, she hoped up and said, "I'm alright." And Annie thinks that the tales of her misadventures are great, and laughs along with everyone else. With a big grin, she'll tell you, "Yeah, that was me." And beam with great pride.

Well, today was my first day back from my so-called vacation. We really didn't do much. On Monday, I stayed home and did laundry. Tuesday, watched movies at Miss Tammi's. On Wednesday, we did go to the beach. I forogt my camera. But I did do 2 repeats on DD #1's sock, and did swim alittle. Annie picked up a little dead fish (yuck!) and dropped, only after me telling her several times, over Miss PJ telling her feed it to the birds. When she dropped it, it swam off (personally, I think it was PJ shouts of "Feed it to the birds" that scared it back to life). We all sunburned a little (thank the Heavens for SPF50, or it would have been worse). And knew it was time to leave at about 6 when the sea gulls started dive bombing. On Thursday, it was back to Miss Tammi's to watch more movies. On Friday, yet again, more movies, and I made Chicken Parmesean from scratch, in white sauce and marinara, with fetticini noodles and baked potatoes. On Saturday, I got caught up in Genealogy, and that took the better part of Saturday and Sunday. So, since not a single pic was taken of my "vacation". I'll do a vacation revisited. Well, I was going to post photos from last years vacation to Cave City Kentucky, but Blogger is being a Booger and won't let me. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, don't forget to sign up for the Harvest Sock Swap, if you haven't already. I'll be posting the questionaire by August 11th. Hope to see you there.

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