Thursday, July 20, 2006

Roses and Bacon

That title seems really odd, but it's two of the things from this evening.

First the roses. Remember when I pulled by back out? Well, I did it to plant my beloved rose bush, the first I've had in years. Now I really love roses, hence why I pulled my back out. I noticed last week that there were finally two buds on it, and when I got home tonight, I notice they are starting to open. Here is what I saw:

Yippee! I have roses. Lovely, red roses.

Now for the bacon. As I sat watching tv, in my dungeon bedroom, with a fan pointed right on me, since the a/c unit died and we are waiting for the repair man, the phone rang. It was Miss Tammi. When I answered it, she said, "We're going tanning." I laughed. Me? Tanning? And I said as much. I told her that putting me in a tanning bed was like putting bacon in a frying pan on a high flame. She said that we could have them put it on low. I said that they wouldn't let me in there or more than 30 seconds. I may be ghostly pale, but I don't like the pain of burned skin. I'll stay pale, thankyouverymuch! So, since I'm on vacation next week, I wonder what other things we'll end up getting into. You never know, maybe she'll actually get me into a tanning bed. I'll let you know.

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