Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Think Pink!

Ok, I'm stealing Polly's post title, but with good reason. I work for a freight fowarding company. And this is what rolled into our parking lot today:

It is the Victoria's Secret custom Hummer for the World's Largest Slumber Party. Now, I love their products, and I am shocked about their "no nursing in the store" policy, but this is cool. Here are a few other shots I took:

The license plate.

The sticker in the windshield.

All the stuffed Pink dogs in the front window.

A slightly different angle for the front.

And the logo on the door.

Now for knitting content. Here are my finished Trekking socks, and they have shade of pink, too.

Not the most flattering picture, I know. And, yes, I am that ghostly pale. Here are the specs:

Material: Trekking XXL # 133

Needles: US 1 Crystal Palace DPN's

Pattern: Didn't really use one. They have a picot edge, knitted in Stockinette with a short row heel.

Started: 6-3-06

Finished: 7-7-06

On to more socks!


trek said...

cute socks

margene said...

I'm using the same colorway! Your socks look fabulous!!

Birdsong said...

I can't believe what a coincidence that your socks match the Hummer! Too bad you couldn't have posed with the socks in the vehicle (giggle).

Katherine said...

Great socks lady (as usual lol)!

Anonymous said...

Hello it's me :) I have finally read up on everything I have missed. I am pretty P.O'd with Vicky's right now with the entire breast feeding thing so I'll skip those (not so nice) comments. As for the socks, it's about time! They look great, and yes YOU NEED SUN! As for the bag I like the Dusty Rose color (I think that was it). Yak at ya later.