Monday, July 03, 2006

Red, White & Boom!

That's the name of our local fire works display. They hold it every year on July 3rd. The parade and festivaties start at 6 pm and they let off the fire works at 10 pm. I remember as a little girl, I was able to watch this out of my bedroom window. We lived not too far from Downtown, in a neighborhood (if you're from the area, you'll know exactly were I'm taking about) called the bottoms. It wasn't exactly the best neighborhood to grow up in, but it has it's advantages, like Red, White & Boom! and seeing the fire works from Cooper Stadium, where the Columbus Clippers play. I lived just on the other side of highway 70 from the stadium. Where we live now, we could faintly see the fire works at Cooper stadium on Saturday night. We get to leave work early so tonight, Miss Amy and I can pack up the girls and head as close to Downtown as we dare to watch the fire works. I'll be taking my Trekking sock with hopes of finishing it, if not damn close.

Over the weekend, I got sucked into my book, and ended up reading alot, after finishing as many corn hole bags as we had corn for. I did have someone ask what corn hole is. It's a game very close to horse shoes. Instead of having shoes and pegs, you have 2 boards at opposite ends, set at an upward angle with 6" holes at the top, and 6" bags full of feed corn that you toss. The score system is the about the same. Once we get our set, we'll do a pictorial. Other than that, I slept through Miss Tammi's 4th of July party on Sunday, as I was still too wiped out from the late nights of sewing. Then she called and made me feel bad. 1st by telling that not too many people showed up and it was just like one of our bi-weekly cookouts, and 2nd because someone asked were I was a couple of times. The 2nd one caused mixed emotions, 'cause I'm such a chicken sh** sometimes about things like that. As much as I may want it, and say that I want it, I still run sometimes when faced with it. I may be 32 yrs old, but I'm still the insecure teenage girl when it comes to some guys. And I'm still gun shy after Mr. C, and that ended over a year & a half ago. But boy, did he errode my self estime in the last 6 to 8 months that we dated. It was the whole "Build me up, Buttercup" syndrome. But enough of my so depressing rants! Have a great and safe 4th, everyone!

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