Thursday, July 06, 2006

My version of therapy & more.....

I had some anger problems today. I guess it didn't help that I woke up grumpy and so did Annie. You know it's bad when your 5 yr old wakes up and demands that her older sister dress her, and the older sister starts to do it! Well, me already being a grump, and having to deal with Annie's malfunctioning attitude, along with other problems set the stage for, what else, retail therapy. So, at lunch I made a trip to Knitter Mercantile to pick out some sock yarn for my Summer Sock Party pal. Here is what I came away with:

What we have here (from left to right) is Claudia's Handpainted in Sea Dreams, Lorna's Laces in Mt Creek and Jungle stripe, the new Knitscene mag and 2 skeins of Regia stretch Crazy Colors in #115. The Regia is for footies for the girls, but now I need to decide what I want to send off to my pal. And of course, next we have the gratuitus kitty shot:

Here is Vinny checking out the stash enhancement. Needless to say, I am not allowed to go sock yarn shopping by myself anymore.

And the reason for the Knitscene is this:

The Central Park Hoodie. Misplaced Southern Belle is hosting a KAL that is starting in September, visit here if you want to join along. I desinged the button for her, here it is:

Not too shabby! I'm getting the hang of this button thing. I'm gonna join up for this one, it's gonna be fun. Hope to see you there.

I have finally remembered to take a pic of my Candle Flame shaw progress. Here it is:

I have done 7 rows if the 4 repeat. Not bad for soemthing that has a 36 row repeat, and it's my first attempt at lace.

And finally, a parting shot of Vinny, sitting a box lid (as you know all cats love boxes):

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Sharon said...

I always wake up grumpy, he he!!

I am going to be joining you in the Central Park Hoodie KAL.