Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Yippe! Hooray! The weekend is finally here. Now, let's see if I get things done this weekend. Last night, I did finish a Xmas gift to felt, casted on a another one, and created something new. However, I can't say what the something new is, as I will be making more for another Xmas present. And today at work, I have casted on and almost finished another Xmas gift. Gotta love the slow Xmas season.

I also achieved a decorated Xmas tree, see:

Isn't lovely? You can't tell from this pic, but there are 3 different colored ribbons on there. You can see the gold in the middle, barely see the purple at the top, but the green got lost on the bottom. Needless to say, we have to watch Vinny really close, as this is his first Xmas. We never had to worry about Moonie, she only lays on the tree skirt. Vinny, however, has decided to take his life in his own paws, and has tried to bat a few of the lower bulbs. But, a few squirts from the water gun, and he should get the hint to stay away.

Weekend Check List

  1. Finish as many Xmas gifts as possible
  2. Xmas shopping
  3. Light house keeping
  4. Spend some quality knit time on bell sleeve shrug

Will it be another weekend of Mission Impossible?

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