Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not much to update.

I had to leave work early yesterday, as my mom had to take Grandma Nana to the ER. And I had to go pick Annie there, and wait for Katie to get out of school. So, I knitted more on Annie's scarf. I know the other parents outside of the school had to wonder what I was doing, while waiting for the bell to ring, with flashes the gold needles and bright green yarn. I napped a little after dinner, and knitted some more. I have reached the half way point on the scarf.

Today, I broke a promise to myself. I promised myself that I wouldn't get any more Chipotle's until I have lost the 25 lbs. that I gained over the summer. I took advantage of the fact that Nate's (one of the guys here at work) car wouldn't start, and he was looking for someone to get his lunch. I have been a very bad girl. Knotty, knotty, knotty of me. I fell off the wagon, so back on I go. Here's hopeing that I don't fall again.

I have been working on a splendid idea, however I can't say what it is just yet, as some of it will be a Christmas gift. Here's hopeing that I catch the Christmas spirit soon, as we have how many days left??? I just feel so Bah Hum-buggy.

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