Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's all over?

Well, Christmas went very well. The girlies got everything they wanted and more. And Annie has started giving me her list for next year. We also had adventures in cookie land on Christmas eve.

And then the girls took a game break.

And, yesterday we took a trip to my favorite yarn shop. What better time to go yarn shopping, then the day after Christmas, and having the day off. With my Christmas booty, I bought the "Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook", size 2 DPN's, some Sockotta and Trekking sock yarn. So, off on the adventure of sock making we go.

All the Christmas knitted gifts went over great. Everyone loved what they got, and no one could believe that I had made it myself. I'll post all the pics later, as I still have one gift left stragling under the tree.

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