Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is that Christmas spirit creeping in?

I do believe it is. I was feeling more that a little Hum-buggy, but then I read this. Now I feel a little better, now that I know there are more like minded people out there than I thought. And e-mail chatting with my SIL in Dayton has helped me tremdously. She has alway been the one to see the better in me, even when I can't. Thanks!

Last night I blocked and boxed 2 of the 3 remaining gifts to be finished. 1 more to go tonight, then the Christmas knitting will offically be finished and ready for the giving. I have a little more Christmas shopping to finish for the girlies, and then comes all the wrapping. I am more that tempted to take it all to Miss Amy's, as she loves to wrap. She can have at, cause I hate it. I don't wrap very well, and my view on this is, your lucky it's wrapped at all. Ho, Ho, Ho!

I knitted a little more on Annie's scarf last night, and today in the office. I'm down to the last 6". That sucker should be finished tonight. Then I can cast on for the matching hat.

All this talk of Christmas spirit and Holiday cheer has made me want to bake. Let's see if I can cram some that in this weekend. Look out dishwasher, you will be full of mixing bowl and measuring cups. I can see it now, scissors cutting wrapping paper, and whisks mixing cookies and cakes. Oh, this is going to be a fattening, lazy Holiday weekend.

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