Friday, December 23, 2005


I was hopeing for a quiet day, for 1.) it's Friday, and 2.) it's the Friday before Christmas. It's been a mostly good day. Finished my shopping at lunch, and I found a few great deals.But, to my horror, I discovered that I have forgotten one very important gift, and that would be my mommy's. She didn't ask for much, and I almost forgot it. One quick stop tonight, and that will be fixed. However, I came back after lunch and wrapped my gifts, as we have a huge table in the middle of the office that's perfect for just such a thing. From there, it has been down hill. Just about everyone is gone for the weekend or vacation, then the problems roll in. Needless to say, if I decide to make chocolate chip cookies over the weekend for work, I'll warn a few certain nice people not to eat them, as they may contain Ex-Lax.

Ok, on the knitting front. Katie and I decided to frog the Irish Hiking scarf in hunter green. The Red Heart was just too stiff and scratchy, and Katie admitted that she wouldn't really wear it, especially after I make her PoA scarf. Katie had fun frogging it. I did start a new Irish Hiking scarf in grey Bernat Softee Chuncky. And I did finish Annie's Spring Green Homespun scarf.

I know. Bad pic. But I liked because Vin Diesel has no shirt on in the back ground.

This one's a little better. Shot of the scarf, anyway.

Last night on the way home, Mother Nature treated me to this lovely display.

It really makes me want to knit something in these colors. Oh, maybe a pair of socks.

I talked about the puppy I helped Grandma Nana find, and here's a pic of her, finally.

This is the puppy formerly known as Petals. Her new name is Lady Love.

This next pic was taken a couple of nights ago.

Katie was working on plastic canvas ornaments, with Moonie in her lap and Vinny behind her head. Neither of them chose this moment to pay her back for any odd smells she may have blamed on them. Too bad.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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