Friday, December 09, 2005

I have decided to switch to this Blog Spot. I have my orginal blog at MSN, and you can see it here. I also love to sew costumes, and that blog is here.

Ok, last night's adventure. I am working on a purse to felt. My first try at felting. I seem to be doing pretty ok.

But when I got to the bottom and did the mittered corners, I sorta got a little lost on the 3 needle bind off. At which point, I put it up and casted on the last scarf for a Christmas gift for my dear little cousin. I figured that I could always research it in the morning. And, come to find out, it's very easy.

For this scarf, I have used Lion brand Homespun in Cotton Candy.

It's a very nice girly color.

At work, Amy and I were very bored, and this is the result of that boredom.

A little Christmas cheer couldn't hurt. Too bad it was over way too quickly.

Here comes another weekend of lots to do, and the game of how much can I get done. This weekend's check list is:

1. Shopping with mom

2.Finish cross stitch pillow for Shelly

3. Felt purse

4. Put up Christmas Tree at home

5. Start other Christmas gifts and finish them (if in anyway possible)

6. Make yummy batch of cheesy potato soup

7. Take puppies over to Grandma's for her to pick one.

I will try to blockade myself in my house to get as much done as possible. But, we all know how my weekend's go. Never as planned.

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