Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Question of the Day......

Q. How do you keep an office full if guys busy in the slow season?
A. Tell them there is a mouse.

While taking a knitty lunch hour, Amy and I were in the conference room to work on Xmas presents. As she crocheted a lovely, light blue purse and I finished off the last 9" of the Cotton Candy scarf, we saw at the edge of the room a baby mouse. Now, a month or so ago, we spotted a mouse on the dock, and the guys went on the hunt with brooms in hand. This time, they caught it little fellow and set him loose outside. Just for us to discover 2 more mice. The next mousy target was the victim of an unfortunate accident. While trying to catch this one, it was smooshed under a boot. Poor thing. The last one, on the run, decided to make for a door leading to the dock, after popping out from under the copier to visit my boss. And that, kiddies, is how to keep an office full of guys busy for most of the afternoon.

Now, on the knitting news. I finally got the cross stitch pillow done and gone.

Isn't it lovely.

After finishing this, I sat down with the Cotton Candy scarf and worked down to the last 9", for which I finished at lunch, during the whole mouse hunt. I'll post the finished pics of that tomorrow. Another Xmas gift down, 4 more to go. And time to keep working as I have the new dome light put in my car tonight at the Kia dealership.

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