Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not enough time to sit still.

Last night I had too many errands to run, and not enough time to sit and knit. I had to hunt down more blue fabric for Xmas sewing, and in the process decided to actually buy Xmas cards this year. I was also on the hunt for Hershey's Cordial Cherry Kisses. I can't find them anywhere, they're that good. Three stores later, and I was cursing the cosmos under my breath.

Ok, I fibbed, alittle. I did sit still long enough to knit about 6" in the Cotton Candy scarf. Then I promptly fell asleep at one end of the couch with Annie asleep at the other end. Vinny tried to make a comfy spot on me once, to which I brushed him off, and he went to try and sleep on Katie. But, Katie, the only one with a cold, was the only one awake and begging at midnight to finish a movie that she's seen before. Sorry, Charlie! Time for bed! So, no new pics today, maybe tomorrow.

Check this out! It's cool way of mapping friends from everywhere!

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