Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Aftermath

Yesterday I was too tired and crammed to post. We did get moved in, but not without casualities. I managed to almost kill myself. Ok, so it wasn't that drastic. I, stupidly, decided to stand on a cooler to reach some stuff way up high, and the cooler had wheels. Can you see this coming? As I lifted my right foot up to step back, I realized too late that the side with the wheels was under my left foot, and down I went. I did save the stack of picture frames in my hands. But, I crammed both of my knees into the hard wood floor. Considering that my left knee was torn apart when I was hit by a car when I was 10 yrs old, and I twisted my right knee 2 weeks ago, I did a brief check to make sure I 1.) was still breathing, depsite the pain and 2.) had not broken anything. I quickly walked it off, and continued with the move. Then, Miss Amy tried to kill. Ok, again, not that drastic, but she did draw blood. Just as I turned with something in my hands, she hit my elbow with her thumb nail. I didn't feel anything at first, then Katie pointed out that I was bleeding, and Miss Amy asked if I wanted my skin back. YUCK! Anyway, the kitties are adjusting to the situation very well. Moonie has managed to venture out of my bathroom, where I had them locked up while we were moving things in. And poor Mr. Vinny is no longer a Mr. any more. He had his operation on Monday, and we found out that not only does he have earmites, but he has tape worms too. Off the regular vet we go this weekend. I can hear my wallet screaming already. I talked to them about giving me meds for both cats, as Miss Moonie is too evil to go anywhere right now. And, speaking of evilness. When the cabel guy came over to install everything, he reached for my bath door and asked if it was a storage closet, Miss Amy screamed, "NO! Big, mean, evil kitty inside! Don't open it!" Poor Moonie is so misunderstood. She's not evil. It's just that she only loves me, and tolerates the rest of the world. Any who! I still have 1 more trip to the old place to get what's left, and we will be forever unpacking! And, no pics right now, as I seem to have misplaced my camera somewhere in the new place. Oops!

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