Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pic Spam Day!

Let's try this pic thing again.

This one is from Friday, when I locked my keys in my car. There they hang, with my bat bottle opener key ring from Mammoth Caves in KY.

This is the hanger, with which I tried to pop my car locks. I must be severly out of practice. Not that I did it too much in my youth.

Here is where I tried, unsuccessfully, to pop my lock. And, since it was St. Patrick's Day, you can see in the reflection that I was wearing my Irish Beer Drinking Team shirt.

This one is of Annie, when she was very sick last week. Vinny decided that she was too sick, and had to keep her company.

Here is the top of the Celtic Cap, on Katie's head.

Here is the other view of the Celtic Cap.

Here is the fireplace in my room, before we got it lit.

And, here is the fireplace, all warm and cozy! I lit this baby last night, turn on Top Model, got a beer, and sat down to knit more on Miss Tammi's poncho. Oh, how wonderful.

So, there are the pics that Blogger ate yesterday.

Speaking of Miss Tammi, as I mentioned her name earlier, she called me. She promptly announced that they are moving this weekend, and asked if I was ready to help her move. My response was, "Uh,Hon. Well over half of my stuff was packed. You haven't packed a thing. I've got lots of boxes for you."

And, I have spent over half the day playing on ebay, looking at Partylite stuff, trying to replace stuff that got broke from my original kit from when I used to sell. Oh, and I had better go, I have one ending in 15 mins.

Edited to add: Joyce, I tried calling Tammi's cell, got a busy signal, I'll call Jessi and have her call you with my number.


Joyce said...

Hello, this is Tammi's Mom.
She did the same thing to me, I told her I could help some, but not the whole week-end. Could you bake a cake?

Miss Tonia said...

Hi Joyce! I'm calling Tammi for your number so we can discuss what kind of cake.