Thursday, March 09, 2006

Almost the Weekend

I forgot the mention yesterday that I did get my copy of Rogue. I was in such a bad mood, that I just downloaded it and let it sit. But today, Miss Amy and I decided to go to Knit Picks and pick out what color I wanted for this. I decided that I want to use Wool of the Andes, fern for the pull over with the pocket, and cranberry for the cardi version. We're going to order next Friday, and I can't wait. (Happy Dance!) And, I decided to order the Celtic Cap pattern, too. I'll get enough of the yarn to do matching hats for each Rogue. I'm usually not big on hats, but everyone says that I look good in them. And as for the color that we chose, fern is because Amy said it would make my eye color pop (they are sorta aqua), and after I dye my hair back to my preferred color (L'Oreal Colour Experte in Ginger Twist - I prefer to be a red head, because it looks natural on me, and this color looks so natural that even natural redheads don't know that it comes out of a box) it'll look great, and the cranberry just because I love red. However, I do love that winter night color, and I may just have to find something to knit just to use that color.

Have you ever tried to stay friends with an ex, and regreted it later? Well, I broke the universal law and dated someone that I work with. (And this should tell you something, while I was typing the word "someone", I tried to type "something") And we'll just call him C for now. Granted, we dated for a year and half, and for the most part it was great, but (and there is always a famous "but" to every story) things started to fall apart after he decided that since I had had children before him, I just wasn't good enough. Normally I would have kicked his butt and dumped him, as I have done this to other guys for a whole lot less, but I decided that I would keep him around a little longer just for the fun that could be had. Now, I'd rather just kick his butt than look at him. And it's all because he's like most guys out there, and just doesn't get it. He still doesn't understand why I got angry about the things I did, where as most of the guys that I am friends with can only say how stupid he was. And all I have to say about it is this man will be single almost all of his life, especially since he just turned 30, and still thinks he lives in the fraternity house. I think the most responsible he has ever acted was while he was dating me. And the worst part is, he agrees with me that he still acts like he did in college. And what brought this topic on was the fact that I went out to unload a truck this morning, and noticed that the key ring/bottle opener (figured it would come in handy, since he still drinks like he's in college) that I brought back from my Kentucky vacation last spring for him, was on the key to the forklift. I took it off and laid it on my desk. When he walked by to fill his water bottle up, I asked if his keyring was feeling a little light these days, and when he said no, I showed him. He acted as if I had broke it and bursted out with "What did you do?" I just turned my back on him. The way I see it, if I buy you something, don't (basically) re-gift it to the office forklift. Am I wrong? Please feel free to comment and let me know. Sometimes I do tend to be a little short sited on these things. Ok, I will now step down off of my soap box now.

I forgot to mention that I joined the Sock-A-Month KAL over on Chrissy's blog.It's my first KAL, normally I just watch, this time I joined. I have a pair of footies on the needles for Katie, and I am going to do the Pink Ribbon socks for me. So, I should have my M for this month along with at least 1 brownie point. I still haven't figured out to put the button on my side bar without the html code, but I'm working on it. And I am waiting to see if Alison will do another Sockapaloooza, since I was too chicken to join this one. Also, I have been watching for the sign ups for Secret Pal 8, because I want to join in on all the fun.

I am a little closer to being settled into the new place. I spent over an hour down in my room sorting through boxes, organizing, and cleaning up. My room now looks a little closer to being livable. I'll take pics tonight. And, I'm waiting for the temp to drop aleast one more time, so we can light up the fireplace. Hopefully I can get more done this weekend, since I'm on call for work, and I hate being on call. Oh well.

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