Monday, March 06, 2006

Not much better Monday

Ok, so the one trip from the old place turned into 3 trips of crap. And I ended up smelling like a short order cook. I tried to carry out my old deep fryer (which was really nice, it was the type with the vented, closing lid) and the trash can lid shut just before I could toss it in, and it dripped all over me. Then, at about 3 in the afternoon was lunch at TeeJay's, and it was the worst serve I have ever had. No, I mean the worst service. The pop machine was broke, but that wasn't too bad, because I do like iced tea. But, they made my Haystack wrong, there was not cheese sauce. Then, when I did catch someone's attention to let them know that it was missing, it took forever to bring me some. After that, it was back home to unload the last round, then rush to take a shower. Then, Auntie Elaine came to pick us up, and it was off to Steak-n-Shake at around 5:30 for dinner. Yes, we ate again, that soon. Then it was off the see Chicken Little, which was a very cute movie. After that, it was back home to go pick up Miss Tammi's daughter, Jessie, to spend the night. On the way home, we hit the DQ so I could have a caramel Moo-late. No wonder I have put back on 35 lbs. since August. I seriously need to get back on the ball. Yes, I joined the Core Secrets work out, and it works, when I do it.

Yesterday, Miss Amy was doing laundry, and discovered this in the dyer:

Mr. Vinny in the dyer. He decided it was too nice and warm, that he didn't even move when she started tossing wet laundry on him, but after the 5th piece of wet clothes, he vacated on a dead run. Oh, and on Saturday, between the 2nd and 3rd trip was his visit to the vet. $62.00 and 3 pills later, he is back on his way to being a happy healthy kitty. He has tape worms, and I had to get pills to treat him. He also has earmites, and we got drops from the clinic that he was neutered at. So, Saturday night, Jessie held him down while I forced pills down him, and put the drops in his ears. Needless to say, he was one very angry cat afterward. He wouldn't get near me for a couple of hours, and he wouldn't let Jessie touch him. I warned her to check her shoes before she put them on, just incase of cat retribution.

I did sit down to knit a little yesterday, only after I got tired of moving boxes, carring boxes, lifting boxes, unloading boxes, sorting through boxes, and generally looking at boxes. I casted on for Katie's footies, and while Miss Amy was at the store, I did the short rib, and got half way through the heel. I finished turning the heel, and got five rows into the instep before I couldn't hold my eyes open anylonger. Sorry, I didn't take any pics, I'll do it tonight, if I get a chance. But, this was my view while I was knitting.

On the ottoman in front of me is Buttercup, and on the love seat across for me is Vinny. At least Vinny is relaxing, somewhat, around Butter. He's hasn't been around a dog since he was 6 weeks old, and he is now 8 1/2 months old. Too much longer, and he should be ok, and stop arching his back everytime Butter looks at him. Moonie on the other hand, could care less about Butter, she grew up with the Aussie I used to have, Chassie. But, Moonie is anti-social and stays down in my room, she even told me "no" the last time I asked her if she wanted to come up stairs. She literally meowed "NO", when I asked, that was a first.

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