Monday, March 13, 2006

Gray Monday

Third time's a charm! I have tried to post twice before, but each time I have went to use the spell check, and it has erased it. So, this time around, I won't use it, and you'll just have to excuse any spelling errors.

It has been raining almost all day. At one point at work there was a bright flash, followed by a loud boom. After which, my boss came out of his office and asked if a truck hit the building. I must have decided to make the day, as I dressed in all gray.

Today, we did get some very unwelcom news. One of the guys in the office is in the Air Force Reserves. He was activated in November of 2004. We had hoped that he would come home after his one year order was up, but it didn't happen that way. He was supposed to go to Afghanistan, but was stationed in Germany instead, until his unit was recalled state side to be escort for the president. When they were done with that, he was sent back to Pittsburg to finish out the orders that ended on December 28, 2005. But, with those orders can orders to go to India for 4 months, starting on January 1, 2006. Today, we found out that he has new orders. He is to be sent to Mosul, Iraq by the end of the week. He has been issued level 1 body armor and weapons, and they are to rebuild an air base in the middle of an area that is heavy with insurgant fighting, and daily bomb blasts. Not what I wanted to hear for a man that I consider to be my big brother. We've had our good times: laughing, joking, him changing my flat tires, barrowing each others cars for lunch. We've had our bad time: me throwing things at him in the office and on the dock, to the point that all I had to ask him if he wanted me to throw something at him, and him picking up his stapler and hitting himself in the head. Now, I'll end up watching the news daily to make sure I don't hear his name, because if I don't, then I know he's ok. I even called our friend Darlene in Mississuaga, Ont. to let her know. So Owen, I know you're out there somewhere, big brother. Come home safe!

On to something else. Miss Amy and I went to Knitter's Night Out on Friday. I ended up buying a Royal ball winder and a skein of Noro Kureyon color # 153. I made this hat with it. Amy bought 3 skeins in color #169 (I think) to make a Booga Bag. This is the first time I have used Noro, I love it and the color. I may have to go back and get 3 or more skeins to make a Booga Bag, and maybe a pair of finger less mitts to go with the hat. I'll have picks of the hat later. But, needless to say, we ended up winding all the yarn we could get our hands on Friday night. And I casted on for my hat, and finished it on Saturday. I wore it Wal Mart, just because I could. I also, worked on Miss Tammi's poncho. She told me I had to have it finished before I could start my Rogue, and since I am ordering my yarn on Friday, I had better have it done by the end of the weekend. Gotta feel the love, huh?

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