Friday, March 03, 2006

Grouchy Friday!!!!

I have been unbearably grouchy today. I am so glad today is Friday. But, then again, that's not really a good thing. Tomorrow I still have 1 more round of crap to move from the old apartment, then I have Mr. Vinny's vet appointment at noon. Then, when I am done with all of that, I will need to catch up with my auntie Elaine for a trip to the dollar theater, our yearly trip. Last year we saw Shark Tales, this year it will either be Harry Potter 4, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 or Chicken Little. Most likely Chicken Little because of Annie, as she didn't sit too still the first time we went to see Harry Potter 4, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 won't hold her attention. Then, I still have so much unpacking to look foward to, oh boy.

One thing that did brighten my day was this: Stuff on my cat. I found this link on Katherine's blog, Bald Sheep. I really made me laugh, hard.

Also, today, I purchased the pattern for Rogue. I am still waiting for my download e-mail. I used PayPal to buy it, I got the confirmation e-mail from PayPal, then I got the Payloadz screen that said order was pending. I waited for a while then refreshed the screen and got the processed message that said I should get the download e-mail within 30 minutes, but I'm still waiting. I feel paranoid checking my e-mail every minute or so, but I really want that pattern. Ok, I just got a response from Jenna. Apparently, my PayPal is set up to run everything as echecks, no wonder I didn't get the pattern yet. I have to wait for 3-4 business days for that to clear before I will get my pattern. Darn! A lesson in patience that I really didn't want today. Ok, back to Stuff on my for some comic relief.

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Katherine said...

Hi Tonia, glad you liked that site. Hope you're settling in well now.