Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My comedic life

So many funny things happen to me everyday, that I normally don't think to say anything about them. Like the way I mix my words up. The other day I tried to say fits of giggles, and it came out as gits of figgles, which started the laughter all over again. Then today, we went up to our new LYS and we see this is what we see in the parking lot:

Now, please tell me, who's car is going to register 8 1/2 mph? Then, as we were leaving the parking lot, Amy shouts out, "What is that rolling over there?" I think she means a cart, and look. Finally, I see this thing that looks to be about the size of a hockey puck, blowing in the wind, and moving at a good pace. As we watch, we see it heading for a island curb in the middle of the parking lot, and figure it's done for. Nope, it jumps the curb, rolls over the island, and keeps going! As I leave it behind, Amy starts telling me to turn around an go back to see what it is, but since we were short on time, and still had to stop at Arby's, I drove on. Once we make it to Arby's, I place my order at the drive thru, and Amy tells me what she wants. Now, mind you, I repeat what I hear when it comes to drive-thru orders, and proceed to order her 2 regular Rax. When she hears me, she yells, "Hey", and the girl working the drive thru just says, "That's ok, hon, we know were you are." Amy swears up and down that she didn't say Rax, that she said Arby's, so I don't know if I just repeated what I heard, or what my brain registered. But, we laughed our butts off until we couldn't see for the tears.

And now, for knitting content: I did buy somemore Trekking XXL in the cotton candy colorway, and I love it. Still waiting for Brittany US 1 dpn's. And here is a pic of my Noro Lady's hat:

Loverly, isn't it?

On other fronts, I did decide to start another blog for my witchy aspects. You can visit it by viewing my profile and going to Kitchen Witch.

ETA: If you want to see a square watermelon visit Crazy Aunt Purl.

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Sourire11 said...

Welcome to Knit Ohio!

Your Noro Hat is really cute... and that construction sigh is amazing.