Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Half day....Half done

I had a half day at work, and was wanting to get more done, with the unpacking. However, the Fates had other plans for me. Annie had high fevers last night, so I was up and down all night with her. Then when I got off of work to go get her, I decided that we had to go to the store for a few things. By the time I got that done, got home and put the food away, it was time to go get Katie from school. When I got home from picking up Katie, I figured I'd catch a wee nap before making dinner. That didn't happen. By the time I got dinner done, I realized that I had skipped lunch and was famished.

On the knitting front, I sat down to work on Katie's footies, and was just about ready to start the toe decreases, when I had her try it on and realized that it was too big for her. So, we had to make a trip to the frog pond. I casted on 48 sts, instead of the 56 sts I did last time, as she wears the same size as I do, at age 11. I feel so far behind, since I joined the Sock A Month KAL, and I haven't been able to get them done.

When I order my yarn for my Rogue and Celtic hat on Friday from Knit Picks, I also need to order some blue sock yarn to do a pair for Miss PJ, as her birthday is Saturday. And honestly, I'll just be so glad when Saturday gets here. It's only Wednesday, and it's been a long hard week.

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