Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pics, Finally!

Blogger finally decided to let me post my pics. So, first up is the item that caused a fuss on Ebay on Saturday. And please know that this will now be the prize of my collection.

And, here is Miss Tammi's finished poncho, with Miss Amy modeling it for me in the parking lot at work:

The specs:

Pattern: Warm Winter Poncho from Lion Brand

Yarn: Red Heart Light & Lofty

Color: Cafe au Lait

Needles: US 15 Boye circular kit

Started: Mid-November 2005

Finished: March 26, 2006

Size: XXL (by the pattern instructions)

This one matches the one I made for myself. The color of mine is wine. And the running joke is that you'll only be able to see Tammi's head and feet, as she is only 4' 10". And this will go nicely with the purse and cell phone holder I made her for Christmas.

As mentioned on Miss Amy's blog. We had some excitement (of a bad kind) in the neighborhood last night. As we got home, Amy noticed flashing lights down the street. As we found out it was a police truck. Then, as I left to go get the girls, I past where the truck had been sitting, and there was a body in the drive way covered with a sheet. This upset me, since I just moved from a bad neighborhood. As we found out this morning, he commited suicide, and no one knows why. He was in his early 50's and newly married. And on an odd note, they can't find the couple's 3 cats, and they think he killed them, too. As one of the guys in the office put it, "What did the cats do to deserve to die?" I really hope they find them somewhere in the neighborhood, frightened, but alive. Poor Kitties!

Speaking of kitties. If you'd like to see an updated pic of Mr. Vinny, pop over to Miss Amy's blog. Since his little operation, he's been showing his feminine side and has been sleeping on the pom poms.

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