Friday, March 31, 2006

March Socks Finished

I have finished my sock for the month of March in the Sock-A-Month KAL. They are a present for Miss PJ, for her birthday (which was March 18th). Here they are:

The Specs:

Pattern: Sheri's Lace Socks from Sock Bug
Yarn: Knit Pick's Palette in the color Pool, 1 50 gram ball
Needles: Brittany US 1 DPN's
Size: women's medium size 8
Mods: I only did 4 repeats on the leg for a shorter sock.

In this pic, they are on my feet, since I haven't told PJ that I was making them for her. Now, I get to call her and surprise her with them. It's a goos thing we have the same size feet, that way I get to surprise her.

In other news, thanks to Mr. D at work, I have be come hooked on a game. It's very addictive. It's called Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, and he found it on Yahoo. It's a one hour free trial, but it's so addictive, that we just had to buy it. If you love to solve puzzles and love mysteries, you'll love this. Even my mom and the girls love it and had a blast playing it.

As most of you know, tomorrow starts the sign ups of Secret Pal 8, and we just can't wait to join. I think it's a great way to get to meet more you lovely knitters out there.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sock Progress

Yesterday, I had a half day, and was really run down for some reason. I had a half day because my mom had a dentist appointment, and that was a good thing for me. After I picked the girls up from her, I went straight home, and had a horrible time trying to keep my eyes open. When I got home, I turned on cartoons for the girls and crashed on the couch. After a nap, and some food, I felt much better. So much better, infact, that I got some good progress on the socks for Miss PJ.

As for the socks, after starting the first sock on size US 3 DPN's, I frogged it. Then I started it on US 2 DPN's, and then frogged it. Then, when Amy got her US 1 DPN's in the mail, I starte it on those on Sunday, and finished it on Tuesday. I cast on for the second sock, made good progress last night while watching Top Model. I should have it finished tonight, with pics, and then I'll have my M for the Sock-A-Month KAL. Yippee!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pics, Finally!

Blogger finally decided to let me post my pics. So, first up is the item that caused a fuss on Ebay on Saturday. And please know that this will now be the prize of my collection.

And, here is Miss Tammi's finished poncho, with Miss Amy modeling it for me in the parking lot at work:

The specs:

Pattern: Warm Winter Poncho from Lion Brand

Yarn: Red Heart Light & Lofty

Color: Cafe au Lait

Needles: US 15 Boye circular kit

Started: Mid-November 2005

Finished: March 26, 2006

Size: XXL (by the pattern instructions)

This one matches the one I made for myself. The color of mine is wine. And the running joke is that you'll only be able to see Tammi's head and feet, as she is only 4' 10". And this will go nicely with the purse and cell phone holder I made her for Christmas.

As mentioned on Miss Amy's blog. We had some excitement (of a bad kind) in the neighborhood last night. As we got home, Amy noticed flashing lights down the street. As we found out it was a police truck. Then, as I left to go get the girls, I past where the truck had been sitting, and there was a body in the drive way covered with a sheet. This upset me, since I just moved from a bad neighborhood. As we found out this morning, he commited suicide, and no one knows why. He was in his early 50's and newly married. And on an odd note, they can't find the couple's 3 cats, and they think he killed them, too. As one of the guys in the office put it, "What did the cats do to deserve to die?" I really hope they find them somewhere in the neighborhood, frightened, but alive. Poor Kitties!

Speaking of kitties. If you'd like to see an updated pic of Mr. Vinny, pop over to Miss Amy's blog. Since his little operation, he's been showing his feminine side and has been sleeping on the pom poms.

Monday, March 27, 2006

An FO and a start of a sock

Well, this weekend did not go as planned, but, when do they ever. We waited most of the day to wait for Miss Tammi to let us know when to come help her move, that when she did call, I had to wait for Annie to wake up from her nap. And, in the mean time, I did get to talk to my SIL in Dayton, for about 2 hours. And, in the middle of the conversation, I had a bidding war on Ebay for a lovely retired Partylite, tiered serving tray. I started out at $0.99. When it was all said and done (and trust me, there was a lot said not suitable for young ears), I got it for $25.02 plus shipping. But, it'll be great for Lughnasda, Mabon and Samhain. I'll show you a pic when Blogger decides to let me upload pics again. But, I also replaced a few items that I had when I sold, and later broke, those being the bisque tulip and clear hurricane shade. I also got the brass chamber lamp and shade that I had always wanted. Needless to say, I'm not allowed on Ebay for while. But, I did get great deals on the other items.

I also finished Miss Tammi's poncho! Yippee! Rogue here I come! After I finish the birthday socks for Miss PJ. I re-started them, for the 4 time. This time on the Brittany US size 1 DPN's that Miss Amy won on Ebay last week, that arrived in the mail on Friday. Boy, our mail man is going to hate us. With packages from Knit Picks and all the stuff off of Ebay, he'll dread seeing a box in his truck. Any way, I stray, but Blogger won't let me upload the pic of the poncho, either.

I decided on a healthier line of late, and have started packing salads for lunch, along with granola and cereal snacks. Today, one of the guys on the office came and looked over my shoulder and shook his head and said, "I liked you better when you ate." Translation: "I liked you better when you would pick up my fast food lunch for me." See, I have gained a *cough* few pounds since last summer, and I have decided that since almost none if my clothes fit me anymore, I need to lose it, again. Hence the weight counter at the bottom of the screen. So, please feel free to help cheer me on. I have started eating better, and have decided that before I sit down to knit each night, that I must do at least a 15 minute work out. Because, let's face it, I really don't like being over 50 lbs. over weight, and for the 4 time in my life to be that way, I'm miserable. I stay tired all the time, and I don't have any energy to do anything other than sit. So, I have once again found my motivation. Thin, sexy me, here I come!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Coffee, Tea and ...Plants?

There was not knitting last night. I had to go to Wal Mart to get cat food and Chicken Little on dvd, and Miss Amy met me there. Can we say that might have been a bad idea? I swear, my full intentions were to only get the 2 item, and once again it didn't work out that way. An hour and half, and $116.00 later, I walked out with a full cart. See, it all started with Amy wanting to go into the garden section to get flower seeds and starter pots. Well, once we were there, I decided that I needed to get my herb seeds, and Annie begged for some seeds of her own. Then, Amy said she needed to go into the greenhouse to get potting soil and new planter for her plant named "Grandma". Then, I see the ivy plants, and they were on sale for $1.50. Now, I really love ivy plants. But, if my house is unbalanced, they die. So, I haven't tried to grow any for many years now, and decided that it was time to get a new one. Then, I decided that it had to have a companion. Do you see where this is going? Then, I thought how lovely it would be to have a rose bush, and found one reasonably priced at $5.96, and color was American Dream. And, as I continued to roam, I found a rubber tree, and decided that I had to get it, since I haven't had one since Katie was 1 1/2 years old and picked all the leaves off of the big beautiful one I had, and it died. Besides, it was only $3.00. Then, out the corner of my eye, I saw an aloe plant. And you know how handy, and lovely they are around the house, and it was on only $2.98. Then, I decided that I had to have new pots for all my plants. That wasn't too bad. Then, I found this really neat coffee cup in the green house, of all places, and had to have it. Here is what it looks like:

Isn't it adorable! Now, I am not one to give coffee to children, but Annie begged for some in the new cup. So, here's a pic of that:

Ok, so it's a planter! I just couldn't pass it up, and will be the perfect home for the starter plants that I have in a vase of water, for the past year. And here is pic of all the plants that came home to live with me.

From left to right: Rubber plant, aloe, ivy, spider plant (that made it's way into the cart on the way out of the green house), and english ivy.

But, we did have some fun when we got home. I bought Vinny some catnip toys, and, oh, how he goes crazy over those. We had to go around and remove it off the tops of stuff from where he over-zealously flung it. Then, he walked around stoned all night from the "kitty dope" (as Miss Tammi's husband, Ed, calls it).

And from the comments from yesterday. Hi Joyce! I did call Jessi, and told her to have you call me. Don't know if she did, but just incase, please e-mail me at tonia underscore u at hotmail dot com, that way we can exchange numbers and discuss the cake you want.

Have fun this weekend, everyone!

EDT: There was also as big discussion about why the side of the rubber plant pot said it was a ficus. And after a little research this morning, I found where the techinical name is ficus elsatisia. Now I ok with it being called a ficus.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pic Spam Day!

Let's try this pic thing again.

This one is from Friday, when I locked my keys in my car. There they hang, with my bat bottle opener key ring from Mammoth Caves in KY.

This is the hanger, with which I tried to pop my car locks. I must be severly out of practice. Not that I did it too much in my youth.

Here is where I tried, unsuccessfully, to pop my lock. And, since it was St. Patrick's Day, you can see in the reflection that I was wearing my Irish Beer Drinking Team shirt.

This one is of Annie, when she was very sick last week. Vinny decided that she was too sick, and had to keep her company.

Here is the top of the Celtic Cap, on Katie's head.

Here is the other view of the Celtic Cap.

Here is the fireplace in my room, before we got it lit.

And, here is the fireplace, all warm and cozy! I lit this baby last night, turn on Top Model, got a beer, and sat down to knit more on Miss Tammi's poncho. Oh, how wonderful.

So, there are the pics that Blogger ate yesterday.

Speaking of Miss Tammi, as I mentioned her name earlier, she called me. She promptly announced that they are moving this weekend, and asked if I was ready to help her move. My response was, "Uh,Hon. Well over half of my stuff was packed. You haven't packed a thing. I've got lots of boxes for you."

And, I have spent over half the day playing on ebay, looking at Partylite stuff, trying to replace stuff that got broke from my original kit from when I used to sell. Oh, and I had better go, I have one ending in 15 mins.

Edited to add: Joyce, I tried calling Tammi's cell, got a busy signal, I'll call Jessi and have her call you with my number.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Fault!

I hadn't realized that it has been a week since I last posted. Oops!

On Saturday, I got up and watched the season premiere of the Sopranos, since I forgot to watch it the first time around. It ticked me off. What a way to end the show! Well, it ticked me off enough to motivate me. I went upstairs, got a bowl of cereal, and bitched about it for about 10 minutes. When I was done with that, Miss Amy and I got a move on and finished unpacking all the boxes in the living room and dining room. Then we vaccumed, and place furniture into their final positions. And, just as I was making a final pass at the hallway with the vaccum cleaner, Amy took off out the door after something. And considering the way she shot out the door, I knew it could be only one thing - The Mailman! We placed an order with Knit Picks on Friday morning, and true to form, we had it the next day. (That's why I love living a mile away from the distrabution center.) And this is what we got:

Wool of the Andes

17 Skeins in Winter Night and 16 skeins in Asparagus.

This one was taking on top of the stereo speaker in fornt of the window.

This one was taken on the front porch. Miss Amy got the Winter Night, and I ordered Fern, but got the Asparagus, and liked, so I kept it. We ordered these to make Rogue and the Celtic Cap with. I have finished my Celtic Cap, I have pics, but Blogger is eating them for some reason, so I'll post them later.

Oh, and on Friday, on the way back from getting food for lunch, Miss PJ called, and distracted me. So, as I was getting out of my car, I locked my keys in. Needless to say, it's a good thing I carry to Road Side Assistance plans. 20 minutes late, this nice man came out and let me into my car. I have pics of this too, but, again, blogger has eaten them.

But, on a good note, we did finally get the fireplace lit last night, with help from the neighbor, R. And I have pics of this, too. Boy, Blogger is really hungery today, huh?

Now, I have to finish Miss Tammi's poncho before I can start on Rogue. I also need to finish Katie's footies by the end of the month so that I atleast get my M for the month on the Sock A Month KAL. Plus, I need to finish the socks I started for PJ, as her b-day was last Saturday (March 18th).

Now, to update my Kitchen Witch page.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Half day....Half done

I had a half day at work, and was wanting to get more done, with the unpacking. However, the Fates had other plans for me. Annie had high fevers last night, so I was up and down all night with her. Then when I got off of work to go get her, I decided that we had to go to the store for a few things. By the time I got that done, got home and put the food away, it was time to go get Katie from school. When I got home from picking up Katie, I figured I'd catch a wee nap before making dinner. That didn't happen. By the time I got dinner done, I realized that I had skipped lunch and was famished.

On the knitting front, I sat down to work on Katie's footies, and was just about ready to start the toe decreases, when I had her try it on and realized that it was too big for her. So, we had to make a trip to the frog pond. I casted on 48 sts, instead of the 56 sts I did last time, as she wears the same size as I do, at age 11. I feel so far behind, since I joined the Sock A Month KAL, and I haven't been able to get them done.

When I order my yarn for my Rogue and Celtic hat on Friday from Knit Picks, I also need to order some blue sock yarn to do a pair for Miss PJ, as her birthday is Saturday. And honestly, I'll just be so glad when Saturday gets here. It's only Wednesday, and it's been a long hard week.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My comedic life

So many funny things happen to me everyday, that I normally don't think to say anything about them. Like the way I mix my words up. The other day I tried to say fits of giggles, and it came out as gits of figgles, which started the laughter all over again. Then today, we went up to our new LYS and we see this is what we see in the parking lot:

Now, please tell me, who's car is going to register 8 1/2 mph? Then, as we were leaving the parking lot, Amy shouts out, "What is that rolling over there?" I think she means a cart, and look. Finally, I see this thing that looks to be about the size of a hockey puck, blowing in the wind, and moving at a good pace. As we watch, we see it heading for a island curb in the middle of the parking lot, and figure it's done for. Nope, it jumps the curb, rolls over the island, and keeps going! As I leave it behind, Amy starts telling me to turn around an go back to see what it is, but since we were short on time, and still had to stop at Arby's, I drove on. Once we make it to Arby's, I place my order at the drive thru, and Amy tells me what she wants. Now, mind you, I repeat what I hear when it comes to drive-thru orders, and proceed to order her 2 regular Rax. When she hears me, she yells, "Hey", and the girl working the drive thru just says, "That's ok, hon, we know were you are." Amy swears up and down that she didn't say Rax, that she said Arby's, so I don't know if I just repeated what I heard, or what my brain registered. But, we laughed our butts off until we couldn't see for the tears.

And now, for knitting content: I did buy somemore Trekking XXL in the cotton candy colorway, and I love it. Still waiting for Brittany US 1 dpn's. And here is a pic of my Noro Lady's hat:

Loverly, isn't it?

On other fronts, I did decide to start another blog for my witchy aspects. You can visit it by viewing my profile and going to Kitchen Witch.

ETA: If you want to see a square watermelon visit Crazy Aunt Purl.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gray Monday

Third time's a charm! I have tried to post twice before, but each time I have went to use the spell check, and it has erased it. So, this time around, I won't use it, and you'll just have to excuse any spelling errors.

It has been raining almost all day. At one point at work there was a bright flash, followed by a loud boom. After which, my boss came out of his office and asked if a truck hit the building. I must have decided to make the day, as I dressed in all gray.

Today, we did get some very unwelcom news. One of the guys in the office is in the Air Force Reserves. He was activated in November of 2004. We had hoped that he would come home after his one year order was up, but it didn't happen that way. He was supposed to go to Afghanistan, but was stationed in Germany instead, until his unit was recalled state side to be escort for the president. When they were done with that, he was sent back to Pittsburg to finish out the orders that ended on December 28, 2005. But, with those orders can orders to go to India for 4 months, starting on January 1, 2006. Today, we found out that he has new orders. He is to be sent to Mosul, Iraq by the end of the week. He has been issued level 1 body armor and weapons, and they are to rebuild an air base in the middle of an area that is heavy with insurgant fighting, and daily bomb blasts. Not what I wanted to hear for a man that I consider to be my big brother. We've had our good times: laughing, joking, him changing my flat tires, barrowing each others cars for lunch. We've had our bad time: me throwing things at him in the office and on the dock, to the point that all I had to ask him if he wanted me to throw something at him, and him picking up his stapler and hitting himself in the head. Now, I'll end up watching the news daily to make sure I don't hear his name, because if I don't, then I know he's ok. I even called our friend Darlene in Mississuaga, Ont. to let her know. So Owen, I know you're out there somewhere, big brother. Come home safe!

On to something else. Miss Amy and I went to Knitter's Night Out on Friday. I ended up buying a Royal ball winder and a skein of Noro Kureyon color # 153. I made this hat with it. Amy bought 3 skeins in color #169 (I think) to make a Booga Bag. This is the first time I have used Noro, I love it and the color. I may have to go back and get 3 or more skeins to make a Booga Bag, and maybe a pair of finger less mitts to go with the hat. I'll have picks of the hat later. But, needless to say, we ended up winding all the yarn we could get our hands on Friday night. And I casted on for my hat, and finished it on Saturday. I wore it Wal Mart, just because I could. I also, worked on Miss Tammi's poncho. She told me I had to have it finished before I could start my Rogue, and since I am ordering my yarn on Friday, I had better have it done by the end of the weekend. Gotta feel the love, huh?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ahoy Matey!

My pirate name is:
Bloody Anne Bonney
Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from

This about sums it up! This makes me want to go home and watch Pirates of the Caribbean. MMMMMMM! Johhny Depp and Orlando Bloom! Enough said.

Well, today is the second Friday of the month, and that means Knitters Night out at the LYS. Maybe they have gotten in the Brittany US 1 dpn's, probably not, but a girl can hope, cause I want to make my Jaywalkers.

I promised pics of my new room, so here they are, and please excuse the bits of clutter, as I am still unpacking:

This is the end of the room with the fireplace.

And, this is the end with my bed. To the right of this is the bathroom, and to the left is the stairs leading up.

Anyway, I hope I have a quiet weekend on call, so I can get more unpacking and arranging done.

See ya next week!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Almost the Weekend

I forgot the mention yesterday that I did get my copy of Rogue. I was in such a bad mood, that I just downloaded it and let it sit. But today, Miss Amy and I decided to go to Knit Picks and pick out what color I wanted for this. I decided that I want to use Wool of the Andes, fern for the pull over with the pocket, and cranberry for the cardi version. We're going to order next Friday, and I can't wait. (Happy Dance!) And, I decided to order the Celtic Cap pattern, too. I'll get enough of the yarn to do matching hats for each Rogue. I'm usually not big on hats, but everyone says that I look good in them. And as for the color that we chose, fern is because Amy said it would make my eye color pop (they are sorta aqua), and after I dye my hair back to my preferred color (L'Oreal Colour Experte in Ginger Twist - I prefer to be a red head, because it looks natural on me, and this color looks so natural that even natural redheads don't know that it comes out of a box) it'll look great, and the cranberry just because I love red. However, I do love that winter night color, and I may just have to find something to knit just to use that color.

Have you ever tried to stay friends with an ex, and regreted it later? Well, I broke the universal law and dated someone that I work with. (And this should tell you something, while I was typing the word "someone", I tried to type "something") And we'll just call him C for now. Granted, we dated for a year and half, and for the most part it was great, but (and there is always a famous "but" to every story) things started to fall apart after he decided that since I had had children before him, I just wasn't good enough. Normally I would have kicked his butt and dumped him, as I have done this to other guys for a whole lot less, but I decided that I would keep him around a little longer just for the fun that could be had. Now, I'd rather just kick his butt than look at him. And it's all because he's like most guys out there, and just doesn't get it. He still doesn't understand why I got angry about the things I did, where as most of the guys that I am friends with can only say how stupid he was. And all I have to say about it is this man will be single almost all of his life, especially since he just turned 30, and still thinks he lives in the fraternity house. I think the most responsible he has ever acted was while he was dating me. And the worst part is, he agrees with me that he still acts like he did in college. And what brought this topic on was the fact that I went out to unload a truck this morning, and noticed that the key ring/bottle opener (figured it would come in handy, since he still drinks like he's in college) that I brought back from my Kentucky vacation last spring for him, was on the key to the forklift. I took it off and laid it on my desk. When he walked by to fill his water bottle up, I asked if his keyring was feeling a little light these days, and when he said no, I showed him. He acted as if I had broke it and bursted out with "What did you do?" I just turned my back on him. The way I see it, if I buy you something, don't (basically) re-gift it to the office forklift. Am I wrong? Please feel free to comment and let me know. Sometimes I do tend to be a little short sited on these things. Ok, I will now step down off of my soap box now.

I forgot to mention that I joined the Sock-A-Month KAL over on Chrissy's blog.It's my first KAL, normally I just watch, this time I joined. I have a pair of footies on the needles for Katie, and I am going to do the Pink Ribbon socks for me. So, I should have my M for this month along with at least 1 brownie point. I still haven't figured out to put the button on my side bar without the html code, but I'm working on it. And I am waiting to see if Alison will do another Sockapaloooza, since I was too chicken to join this one. Also, I have been watching for the sign ups for Secret Pal 8, because I want to join in on all the fun.

I am a little closer to being settled into the new place. I spent over an hour down in my room sorting through boxes, organizing, and cleaning up. My room now looks a little closer to being livable. I'll take pics tonight. And, I'm waiting for the temp to drop aleast one more time, so we can light up the fireplace. Hopefully I can get more done this weekend, since I'm on call for work, and I hate being on call. Oh well.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I need a nap

It's one of those days. It's rainy out side, the computer system is down here at work (not as if I have anything to do anyway), and I am sleepy.

I decided to take a break from my sock knitting, so I started a lapgan with some Encore Colorspun in Acapulco on size US 13 Brittany's. I cast on 95 sts, two strands, and worked in a moss st for 8 rows, then I an working the moss st on the first and last 5 sts of each row, and stockinette in between. Don't know how long I'm going to make it, as I have 6 skeins. It'll be a surprise. I'll take pics of it later.

Anyway, my trip to Wally World last night. All I could find was for the HP movie was a set that had the full screen with a bonus Scene it disc, and the movie was only 1 disc. I got it, thinking that was all there was, until I went to today. There I found the 2 disc set, that I couldn't get last night. So, I ordered, it should be here on Monday or Tuesday, and I'll just return the one that I bought last night.

So, tonight's challenge is to finish organizing my room. I still have boxes, papers, and bags all over my room. I can't take it anymore, I want to work out, but have no room until I get that sorted, and everything else set up, since tonight is a 2 hour Top Model.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is it Friday, yet?

Today seems to have drug on forever. I froze at my desk all day. And just when I got myself propped up on my desk, and started to doze, Dion (from the office) called my cell phone, as he's not in the office today, and was checking his e-mail from home. What a missed opportunity for a nap. Anywho!

Today is Harry Potter day! Yes, they are releasing The Goblet Of Fire on dvd today. You know what that means. A trip to Wally World on the way home. Maybe I'll be able to watch it without Annie's hand in front of my face. Yeah, when we went to see in the theater, I notice something was blocking my view of the center of the screen. Upon focusing, I realized that it was Annie's hand, as she was sitting on my lap, and it had been there for sometime. And, as Miss Amy has never seen any of the movies, and her girls have only seen the first 2, we'll have to have a Harry Potter marathon soon.

Miss Amy and I went to the LYS today. Still no size US 1 Brittany DPN's. Oh, I am heart broken, I'll never got to make my Jaywalkers. Every one is making Jaywalkers, except for Miss Amy and me.

Is it time to go home, yet?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Not much better Monday

Ok, so the one trip from the old place turned into 3 trips of crap. And I ended up smelling like a short order cook. I tried to carry out my old deep fryer (which was really nice, it was the type with the vented, closing lid) and the trash can lid shut just before I could toss it in, and it dripped all over me. Then, at about 3 in the afternoon was lunch at TeeJay's, and it was the worst serve I have ever had. No, I mean the worst service. The pop machine was broke, but that wasn't too bad, because I do like iced tea. But, they made my Haystack wrong, there was not cheese sauce. Then, when I did catch someone's attention to let them know that it was missing, it took forever to bring me some. After that, it was back home to unload the last round, then rush to take a shower. Then, Auntie Elaine came to pick us up, and it was off to Steak-n-Shake at around 5:30 for dinner. Yes, we ate again, that soon. Then it was off the see Chicken Little, which was a very cute movie. After that, it was back home to go pick up Miss Tammi's daughter, Jessie, to spend the night. On the way home, we hit the DQ so I could have a caramel Moo-late. No wonder I have put back on 35 lbs. since August. I seriously need to get back on the ball. Yes, I joined the Core Secrets work out, and it works, when I do it.

Yesterday, Miss Amy was doing laundry, and discovered this in the dyer:

Mr. Vinny in the dyer. He decided it was too nice and warm, that he didn't even move when she started tossing wet laundry on him, but after the 5th piece of wet clothes, he vacated on a dead run. Oh, and on Saturday, between the 2nd and 3rd trip was his visit to the vet. $62.00 and 3 pills later, he is back on his way to being a happy healthy kitty. He has tape worms, and I had to get pills to treat him. He also has earmites, and we got drops from the clinic that he was neutered at. So, Saturday night, Jessie held him down while I forced pills down him, and put the drops in his ears. Needless to say, he was one very angry cat afterward. He wouldn't get near me for a couple of hours, and he wouldn't let Jessie touch him. I warned her to check her shoes before she put them on, just incase of cat retribution.

I did sit down to knit a little yesterday, only after I got tired of moving boxes, carring boxes, lifting boxes, unloading boxes, sorting through boxes, and generally looking at boxes. I casted on for Katie's footies, and while Miss Amy was at the store, I did the short rib, and got half way through the heel. I finished turning the heel, and got five rows into the instep before I couldn't hold my eyes open anylonger. Sorry, I didn't take any pics, I'll do it tonight, if I get a chance. But, this was my view while I was knitting.

On the ottoman in front of me is Buttercup, and on the love seat across for me is Vinny. At least Vinny is relaxing, somewhat, around Butter. He's hasn't been around a dog since he was 6 weeks old, and he is now 8 1/2 months old. Too much longer, and he should be ok, and stop arching his back everytime Butter looks at him. Moonie on the other hand, could care less about Butter, she grew up with the Aussie I used to have, Chassie. But, Moonie is anti-social and stays down in my room, she even told me "no" the last time I asked her if she wanted to come up stairs. She literally meowed "NO", when I asked, that was a first.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Grouchy Friday!!!!

I have been unbearably grouchy today. I am so glad today is Friday. But, then again, that's not really a good thing. Tomorrow I still have 1 more round of crap to move from the old apartment, then I have Mr. Vinny's vet appointment at noon. Then, when I am done with all of that, I will need to catch up with my auntie Elaine for a trip to the dollar theater, our yearly trip. Last year we saw Shark Tales, this year it will either be Harry Potter 4, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 or Chicken Little. Most likely Chicken Little because of Annie, as she didn't sit too still the first time we went to see Harry Potter 4, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 won't hold her attention. Then, I still have so much unpacking to look foward to, oh boy.

One thing that did brighten my day was this: Stuff on my cat. I found this link on Katherine's blog, Bald Sheep. I really made me laugh, hard.

Also, today, I purchased the pattern for Rogue. I am still waiting for my download e-mail. I used PayPal to buy it, I got the confirmation e-mail from PayPal, then I got the Payloadz screen that said order was pending. I waited for a while then refreshed the screen and got the processed message that said I should get the download e-mail within 30 minutes, but I'm still waiting. I feel paranoid checking my e-mail every minute or so, but I really want that pattern. Ok, I just got a response from Jenna. Apparently, my PayPal is set up to run everything as echecks, no wonder I didn't get the pattern yet. I have to wait for 3-4 business days for that to clear before I will get my pattern. Darn! A lesson in patience that I really didn't want today. Ok, back to Stuff on my for some comic relief.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Found it!

I found the camera last night. It was hiding under one of my broomstick skirts in my room. And here is what I found on it:

Here's Annie, we were having dinner at Fazoli's the first night of the move.

Here's Miss Amy's dog Buttercup, taking a nap on Sunday morning.

Here's Moonie, who just didn't want to step foot out of my bathroom, which she has now considered her personal space.

Here's Vinny, investigating the carpet near the fireplace in my room, which you can't see for the cabinet.

And here is the pair of socks that I finished for Annie last night.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Aftermath

Yesterday I was too tired and crammed to post. We did get moved in, but not without casualities. I managed to almost kill myself. Ok, so it wasn't that drastic. I, stupidly, decided to stand on a cooler to reach some stuff way up high, and the cooler had wheels. Can you see this coming? As I lifted my right foot up to step back, I realized too late that the side with the wheels was under my left foot, and down I went. I did save the stack of picture frames in my hands. But, I crammed both of my knees into the hard wood floor. Considering that my left knee was torn apart when I was hit by a car when I was 10 yrs old, and I twisted my right knee 2 weeks ago, I did a brief check to make sure I 1.) was still breathing, depsite the pain and 2.) had not broken anything. I quickly walked it off, and continued with the move. Then, Miss Amy tried to kill. Ok, again, not that drastic, but she did draw blood. Just as I turned with something in my hands, she hit my elbow with her thumb nail. I didn't feel anything at first, then Katie pointed out that I was bleeding, and Miss Amy asked if I wanted my skin back. YUCK! Anyway, the kitties are adjusting to the situation very well. Moonie has managed to venture out of my bathroom, where I had them locked up while we were moving things in. And poor Mr. Vinny is no longer a Mr. any more. He had his operation on Monday, and we found out that not only does he have earmites, but he has tape worms too. Off the regular vet we go this weekend. I can hear my wallet screaming already. I talked to them about giving me meds for both cats, as Miss Moonie is too evil to go anywhere right now. And, speaking of evilness. When the cabel guy came over to install everything, he reached for my bath door and asked if it was a storage closet, Miss Amy screamed, "NO! Big, mean, evil kitty inside! Don't open it!" Poor Moonie is so misunderstood. She's not evil. It's just that she only loves me, and tolerates the rest of the world. Any who! I still have 1 more trip to the old place to get what's left, and we will be forever unpacking! And, no pics right now, as I seem to have misplaced my camera somewhere in the new place. Oops!